Multicultural Minute: Denmark’s Bundled Babies

Hannah Riley May 4, 2013

Denmark’s Bundled Babies

Different countries have their unique ways of rearing their kids.  In Denmark, babies do not nap inside, warm in their cribs. Instead, a majority of Danish parents bundle up their children, place them in their strollers, and leave them outside in the cold. The infants will spend the day asleep outside on a balcony or the sidewalk. If you visit Denmark and see the streets lined with strollers with no parents in sight, it’s probably nap time.  Meanwhile the mothers and fathers have stepped into stores or cafes to enjoy some free time. People in Denmark believe that the cold air actually helps them sleep and eat better. The country’s National Board of Health even recommends the practice. The cold supposedly keeps the  babies more alert and induces a heavier, more restful sleep. Some companies even make baby alarms that alert parents when their babies wake so they can go outside and retrieve them.

Denmark's bundled babies

Denmark’s bundled babies